VITHIT – Vitamin Drinks

Gary Lavin wanted to produce his own brand of healthy vitamin drinks for both the Irish and international market. His original brand and packaging design hadn’t reached the target audiences he had hoped for and contacted DAVEFITZDESIGN to see what we could could come up with. Vithit is now sold in over eleven countries and selling over 4 million bottles anualy.

“Dave Fitz Disign has been instrumental in the creation of the VITHIT brand image.  I approached Dave with a brief to take an existing brand and create a healthy, low calorie drink brand which appealed to a main stream audience.  I have worked with dave on a weekly basis for almost 10 years and trust his creativity, design ability and work ethic above all other graphic designers around.
VITHIT sells over 4 million bottles per year in 10 countries, the design and image of the brand is everything, without a great design there simply is no brand. I would highly recommend recommend Dave Fitz design studios for any brand building exercise.”

          – Gary Lavin, Managing Director, VITZ Drinks.