Kinvara Skincare

Skincare Rebrand

Galway based Kinvara Skincare is an independent Irish producer of effective, natural organic skincare founded in 2012 by Dr. Joanne Reilly.  In order to communicate honesty and transparency across the rebrand we went about producing a group of images and packaging that would encapsulate both the beauty of nature with the advantage of scientific knowledge. The concept was to X-ray certain plant and flower species that related to essence of the products and there effectiveness. Unfortunately it is illegal to use X-ray equipment for anything other that medical use in Ireland and found it nearly impossible to find a way of producing these images. Eventually we found a Dutch physicist Aire Van’t Riet (the only person with the ability to use x-ray imaging outside the medical field in The Netherlands) who agreed to take on the commission. Over a period of 15 hours in his studio/lab in Bathmen we shot approximately 30 species of plant and flower. We think the the results of his work speak for themselves.

We did

  • Rebrand & Brand Development
  • New Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Management