DAVEFITZDESIGN is a graphic design and communications studio run by David Fitzpatrick by the sea side in Blackrock on the outskirts of Dublin city. David started this studio over 10 years ago after graduating from DunLaoghaire College of Art & Design.

Here in the studio we have worked in all areas of the design field. But the studio specialises in creating new brands, corporate identity and packaging design that includes all forms of visual communication and marketing media that accompany these fields. We can develop, design and manage your project through complex printing and right to delivery. We work with all types of businesses and organisations from large to small, across projects both simple and intricate.

At DAVEFITZDESIGN the aim is to encourage success through original ideas and great design. We believe that the importance of good design and communication is immeasurable… yet underestimated by many people. We want to refine your ideas and resolve problems to deliver a clear, simple and effective message with impact. We love working with clients who allow us to explore and push the limits of design to achieve the best possible outcome. Good design is simple, effective, creative and lasting. We want you to inspire us and us to inspire you. We love good design and want you to love it too!

If you would like to discuss a potential project, or even the seeds of any idea you might have, or just to ask more about us or any of the projects on our website, please get in touch.